Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Last I left you with scone delivery pending. They were indeed delivered; twelve of them piled high though looking smaller than I hoped. While I waited nervously to hand off my plate to the owner, I noticed that some of the competing scones were no longer suffocating under plastic wrap but had been unwrapped and placed in an attractive glass cake stand. I can’t help but think that this scone movement was inspired by my inquiries of several days ago. And though this pleased me, it may end up hurting my chances of become their next scone artisan.

“Do you have a price sheet?” the owner asked me just as I was leaving. The correct answer was: No, I did not. The given answer was, “ Yes, I will email it to you.” And so a price sheet was made on Saturday evening, other scone and biscotti varieties were decided upon, our “bakery” was given a name and we began to hunt around for information on the permits needed to certify our kitchen.

And with the fate of the scones out my hands, it was on to Wegman's grocery store, returning with a two pound bag of mussels for five dollars, which we ate for dinner, followed by a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

We pulled the recipe for the mussels from JC's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Score! And the chocolate cake recipe came from the Hubbs' kitchen in Cambridge, MA by way of the Hershey's Cocoa Powder box. J. Hubbs uses Ghiradelli cocoa powder instead of the Hershey's, and his finished product is incredible. Mine was not incredible because when halving the recipe, I added the full cup of milk instead of half a cup. But if you are baking a cake for more than two people and you do not halve the recipe it really is a wonderful chocolate cake.

I'll post that recipe when I get back. Get back from Florida. Beautiful Orlando is where I write you from. Last night we ate at Le Rain Forest Cafe, (located in 'Downtown Disney') or "RFC" as embroidered on their sweatpants and flip flops and mugs and choker necklaces.

Tonight it is Little Caesar's Pizza.


  1. So....what's the bakery's name??? Melissa's Sweet-ass Scones? Melisscone's?

  2. Little Caesar's still exists? I must say that "pizza, pizza" thing is catchy ;-) Look at you, girl! You're making mussels like it ain't no thang! And selling scones. And inspiring people to not suffocate their scones...brilliant, just brilliant!