Monday, March 8, 2010

Wardrobe Change

I'm stalling. My vision for soup last week carried me through Thursday. Decent run, although I still have an unopened bag of split peas that did not get cooked. The longer I wait and the closer spring gets, the more likely it is that the bag will get pushed to the back of the cabinet or moved to the freezer to be turned into an ice pack. Weak ending to such inspiration. Strawberry tyranny to be blamed.

But nevermind last week, it is the current week that troubles me. No vision, no strawberries, just three lonely potatoes. And it's too beautiful outside to be inspired by potatoes.

It is one of the awkward days when winter isn't officially over and spring is trying to convince you that it has arrived. But I never trust those first days of sun and so they always catch me unprepared and way over-dressed. It seems I'm always the last person to finally stop wearing wool and I constantly find myself in my heaviest and dreariest shoes on those days when flip flops are optimal.

I wasn't prepared for the same quandary to find me in the kitchen. But on this sun-shiny day I'm boiling potatoes and they are not for potato salad. I don't want to run to the store to liven up my refrigerator, so I'm going to cook according to the calendar date and not according to the temperature outside. A moment of principles! I have some spinach to saute and sprinkle with feta cheese. Not too bad. And to those potatoes I'm going to add some diced prosciutto and some sauteed onions. The Wednesday Chef's Austrian Potato Strudel reminded me of my hiding potatoes, though I'm neither buying or making strudel dough today. More With Less has a recipe for a potato casserole that I am going to pull from as well.

In the meantime here is the cup of tea I enjoyed this afternoon. It is fully responsible for today's entry.

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