Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best Almost Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

They would have made the Best Ever list, I know it. I can say that because they will never be put to the test. This morning my chocolate chip cookie dough went straight into the trash instead of straight into the Almanac. I don't have a great history with chocolate chip cookies, but I was headed for redemption with this batch. My butter was at room temperature. I had some top shelf vanilla extract on hand. And for the first time my teaspoon of baking soda was not going to come from the box in the refrigerator. It would come from the brand new box in my cupboard reserved for the sole purpose of making these cookies. No longer will my baking soda work double duty as a deodorizer and a rising agent!

I should have been wary, as stars do not generally align in the kitchen (or anywhere). For while so many of my ingredients were in tip top shape, others were not. I pulled out my plastic bag of dark brown sugar and saw a peculiarity. Why would I open the bag on one end with scissors and then turn the bag over and tear a hole in each corner of the other end? The questioned remained unanswered as I went about my business packing my measuring cups with the sugar and emptying them into the mixer.

You may know where this is going, and soon enough I put the pieces together. Unfortunately, it was not me who had opened the bag of brown sugar on both ends.

I thought too long over the fate of the dough. So much waste. But then I pictured the little buggers. And then I flashed back to a rerun of Little House On the Prairie when Pa discovers that the town's supply of cornmeal has been invaded. Here ends the story.

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