Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Market day is to Tuesdays like chocolate is to milk. However in this case I get to combine all four ingredients.

Every Tuesday I go to the market. And every Tuesday at the market after my bag is heavy with groceries, I spend my last 75 cents on a styrofoam cup of chocolate milk to sip on my walk home. The cup of milk (I'm sure they use whole), a lid and a straw all for under a dollar. I imagine they came up with this size and container for little children who are likely to spill its contents, but it is also perfect for take away. It is beyond goodness.

Simplicity and Decadence join hands.

I walk home with a bag on each shoulder, my dog's leash in one hand and my chocolate milk in the other. I'm like a yoked cow or a person carrying one of those boards over her neck with a sap bucket hooked to each end. And, I'm happy.

The dog at the end of the leash:

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