Wednesday, February 27, 2013

human nature continued

As we continue to look at Human Nature this week, I thought I would share a few observations from our trails around the neighborhood.
 1.  Headbutting is instinctual.  I didn't realize this.  I thought you learned to headbutt from watching rated R movies, or maybe goats sparring on the mountain-top.  My 2 year old has seen neither of these enactments and has used the move several times on me and little Verity.  No broken noses as it seems to be more of an experimental gesture.  Unnerving regardless. 
2.  It really does take a village.  We were out for a walk, minding our own business- all three of us probably brooding on the tantrum that had recently occured, when a car drives up behind us beeping repeatedly and flagging me down.  Oh, I guess he REALLY needs directions!  I start to walk over, he rolls down the window and yells to me that Verity, who is peacefully slumbering in the baby-carrier backpack, is "leaning back!!!!".  First, confusion.  Then, annoyance.  Finally, smile and nod.  Thank you, kind sir in the black Lexus SUV.  You missed the golden moment of intervention when we were leaving the house with a toddler sprawled across the porch.   
3.  Mushroom Bourguignon on a Tuesday evening is not only worth the sacrificial cup of wine you could have been sipping on, but it also does wonders for soothing spirits and tempers after a long day.  (Perelman,  pg. 151)  Hopefully whipping out the old college footnote will distract you from the fact that I am still cooking with Smitten Kitchen.  :)

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  1. Awesome and hilarious and so Cambridge normal. I had the suffocation police after me quite a few times. Thanks for the rec on page 151!