Sunday, February 17, 2013

moules frites, three years better

Omg, I was completely obsessed with Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine.  And, I apologize.  I forgive you self.  Seriously, that was crazy to read some oldie posts.  I went back looking for the first time we cooked mussels and found it along with way too many references to Everyday Food.  Umm, next time I do that, please tell me.  We made them (mussels) again last night and blew our first attempt out of the water, three years later.  Because for one -we used an actual recipe, and two -we made some frites to go on top.  Don't skip the frites.  I know I'm getting close to overdoing it on the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook references, but I did get the recipe there, coincidentally.  :)

Sunday night, please don't leave me.   

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