Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday falls on today.

It is not Friday night that I have to fight the urge to order-in, buy loads of sushi or anything hot, expensive and ready-made, it is Wednesday night -which falls on today.  It is a night when I'm too tired to make the pizza that would be met with gleeful shouts.  A night when I want to eat something delicious and I want someone else to make it for me.  Any suggestions?  I guess I have a plan, although I would like to complain a bit longer.  At the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market on Saturday, along with getting our knives sharpened(!!!) and buying cheap mussels, we found a local vendor selling ravioli.  There were LOTS of varieties to choose from but we settled on the Pear, Prosciutto & Gorgonzola.  I'm never the one to order ravioli at a restaurant even if they are filled with fresh lobster meat because I like to eat more than four pieces of pasta in one sitting, but these look promising.  Plus they are hand made by someone other than me.  :)

 Naomi happen to match the pasta so I left her in.  My computer wasn't working well and she thinks it might be a flat tire.

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