Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cheap Leeks

These leeks were my prize today.  Verity and I crossed a few, slow city miles to get them for $2.50 a bundle.  Yesterday at the Whole Foods register I timidly asked the cashier to put back the five leeks that were about to cost me ten dollars.  I have fritters on my mind.  

I also have in my possession more bread buns than I know what to do with.  I made them this morning after we took Naomi to preschool.  We were all very brave and attentive.  Next time we will arrive five minutes late because it was the transition room filled with well-intentioned parents that was the most overwhelming by far.  "What do you do when you miss mommy?"  I heard one mother ask her son.  "Show me your mommy hug."  There is no one right way to do things.  This is good news for us all trying to do our best.

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  1. Now I have fritters in mind. I wish we were next door neighbors.