Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Passing By

It's Friday again.  The days do roll right on by.  Verity is ferocious right now.  Crazy curious and on the move.  Her favorite toys are surge protectors, brooms and brushes, books that tear and bottles that break.  Yesterday I duct taped our low-positioned liquor cabinet shut and she was devastated.  She is so innocently frustrating.  This morning I really wanted to do something just for her.  Take her someplace where she could roam free and wild.  Where she could crawl wherever she pleased and put whatever she wanted in her mouth.  I had in mind a very large field of dry green grass.  Here perhaps.  And then it rained and home we stayed.  No stroller.  No car seat.  No ergo.  Switch out some toys.  Lock the bathroom door and let them be.

Also, thanks for bearing with me as I figure out what this place should be called and what it should look like. 


  1. blog themes are for teasing and tugging at. like taffy.
    I love that bottom photo. Little Verity, fair of hair.

  2. Oh a place to roam free and wild! yes! can we come too?