Thursday, November 7, 2013

Color Palettes at Daybreak

I read in the last Domino magazine a great tip about decorating -limit your color palette.  Make a short list of colors and then work within those shades.  I'm a fan of anything that helps me eliminate options and so I've really enjoyed implementing this constraint.  

Between me and my home, I will be the one wearing green.  See how authoritative that sounded?  My green-legged table now stands mustard.   

This project coincided perfectly with the time change of this past weekend.  We've been hit hard by daylight savings.  The word brutal only touches on it.   4:30.  5:30.  5:20.  If you are going to wake us up at that hour you have to happy.  New rule.  Seriously, quality of life before 6am in our house is at an all-time low.  I hope you guys are fairing better.  :)       


  1. I think everyone is a little frayed around the edges this week. Love the new color!

  2. I hear you! I thought we faired ok then had several days of "the sun is almost up therefor so shall I be!" Dark times, literally and figuratively.