Monday, May 12, 2014

The Meal Plan | 05.11.14

Monday:  leftovers -I'm stretching the tikka masala from Friday with diced potatoes.  
Tuesday:  Curried Split Peas over rice.  A mainstay.  
Wednesday:  Chilaquiles Cassarole -a new bean recipe from Moosewood Restaurant Favorites
Thursday:  Savory Crepes.  A new mainstay.
Friday:  The Weekly Lentil -back to the soup I believe.  

Against all odds I executed my meal plan last week.  The crepes were a hit.  The idea came from a friend who reminded me that sweet potatoes are not the only vegetable I could put in them.  She fills them with whatever she has on hand and now we do too.  I will not again try to cut one egg from my crepe batter -it made them flimsy.  But I will fill the last four with nutella again.
And he pizza dough was great -Van Boven's measurements are spot on.  I need to share that one with you.

Onward we go.  I'm behind the ball already with more than one forgotten appointment that now fills my week.  I made myself go to the grocery store this morning so we are ready in one small way.


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