Monday, June 9, 2014

The Meal Plan | 06.09.14 | Salad Week

The Meal Plan is back this week after the hiatus that a long weekend and out of town family afford.  The warm weather is finally curbing some appetites, particularly the youngest and roundest member of our family.  So with that in mind we are going to keep it light.  I hope to make a few salad dressings and put whatever we are planning to eat over some greens.  

For lunch today we brought egg salad sandwiches here to picnic.  Verity tried to get up and run around the block between every bite.  So there's that.  Otherwise it would have been really relaxing.  What's the saying?  Eat like a king in the morning.  Eat like a prince for lunch.  And eat like a pauper for dinner.  I'll at least be getting the last bit of that right.  :)

Tonight:  Black beans, avocado and tomatoes over salad greens with a vinegar dressing.
Tuesday:  The Weekly Lentil.  From 101 Cookbooks again.
Wednesday:  Roasted Vegetable Salad with Toasted Cheese Baguette Slices
Thursday: Grilled Shrimp and Potato Salad
Friday:  Pizza and a chopped salad for us.

Any holes will be filled with ice cream.  A little rusty getting back into it.  

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