Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Meal Plan | 09.09.14 | Sarma and Beyond

Last week my lovely friend Rebecca came for a visit.  She has an uncanny ability to savor life, and a nack for finding joy in most everything.  She allowed us a needed break from our routine.  She read stories out-loud.  She helped me work on my day-time conversation skills.  It was truly wonderful to have her here.

Immediately upon her arrival we started talking and almost immediately we started talking about what and where and when we were going to eat.  She filled me with tales of abroad -her sister, just back from Egypt could testify to the authenticity of Kusheri -a simple lentil and rice dish we both love.  She explained some of the differences between Mexican and El Salvadorian food.  And after I told her I wanted to find more Indian dishes to cook upon watching The Lunchbox, she quickly referred me to this cookbook, Extending the Table.  I was told to not skip the stories and I haven't.  Indeed they are rich.  

Now I want a huge map of the world in our kitchen pronto and I want to put a dot on each country we visit. 

Our last night together we ventured to Sarma.  Two open seats at the bar.  Delicious dim sum style small plates being solicited by friendly waitstaff.  A bartender who was only minorly annoyed by our incessant questions.  We were easy to please, at least on this night, and we loved it.

So, I'm calling this international week.

Monday:  Chick Peas and Coconut Milk -Tanzania.
Tuesday:  Curried Split Peas -Kenya.
Dessert:  Bananas in Coconut Milk -Thailand.
Wednesday:  Vegetarian Tikka Masala.  TheKitchn
Thursday:  The Weekly Lentil.  An Ethiopian Salad.  
Friday:  Cuban Style Black Beans over Salad.


  1. Lovely! Bananas in Coconut Milk? Yum! I must get that book ASAP. I might just amazon it tonight :)

  2. You inspire me with all your beans. Rowan and I do a lot of really simple cooked lunches, usually meatless, and I know we need to get more bean variety into our rotation. I've warmed up to a lot, but have been trying unsuccessfully for honestly some years to enjoy chick peas (in a form other than humus). Cold lentils is a hard one for me too, but there are so many good lentil salad recipes out there! I should be more adventurous...