Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day In Day Out

What a difference at day makes.  Yesterday I had lost all hope of surviving winter.  It was snowing enough to keep us inside all morning, but not snowing enough to keep Eric hope from work.  Off he went and in we stayed.  Unfortunately the trash and recycling that needed to go out the door with him got left behind.  That always gets me to grumbling -being snowed in with trash.  And our trash can is very large.  It still fits underneath our sink, but barely.  It's too big.  It's on my list to get a smaller one, but who wants to buy a plastic trash can when you already have one.  

Anyway, there we were inside with no inspiring snow-day supplies.  Our groceries were waning, our library books scattered.  I still don't own a crafting book and when you are in the thick of your morning a google search for the perfect craft is so discouraging.  It's way too late for that.  Well actually I did learn that if you announce in a loud voice to a 4 year old that it's Project Time, they really get behind you.  So we flipped over a cardboard box and went to town with our markers.  But back to the litany -lunch was ramshackle and dinner I won't tell you about.  And it was a Monday.  Just the worst.  All that and I must say that the girls had a really good day.  It was me. All me.  Unfortunately, when you are the parent in charge that counts for a whole lot.  

Today is so much brighter -literally.  The sun is shining.  I found Verity's waterproof mittens.  She successfully put her thumb in the thumb-hole which is close to a miracle.  Naomi didn't fight her snow-pants.  Another miracle.  Geared up and out we went.  I forget how much that helps.  Stepping out of the house.  We trudged to the grocery store where we got ingredients for dinner and some celebratory potato chips, tuna fish and fig newtons for lunch!  Delicious to us. 

Things continued to look up on our way home with finding a few gems and a few friends at the library.  All is not lost it seems.  

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