Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feasting Habits

During this Lenten season, Sunday is saved for feasting.  Saturday mornings have been transformed albeit slightly with Eric and me working side by side -he's on pancakes and I'm baking the cake for the following day.  It seems that on these mornings there is nothing else I need.  I have coffee, and help and the anticipation of a meal to come.  When pancakes have been consumed and the girls fly off, I find myself alone in the kitchen with a moment's contemplation.

Tomorrow we feast on beef barbecue sandwiches, pickles, chips, cabbage slaw and German chocolate cake.  Pale ale for the adults and cream soda for the children.  For the other days of the week, I've given up sweets, mostly.  No maple syrup on the oatmeal kinda thing.  And no mid-week mini-egg binging.  It's for the best.

We still have mountains of snow that need to melt - a very penitent road to Easter for us.  But this morning the sun shines and it's one of those days when you want to drive to Vermont.    There are buds on the tree outside our kitchen window.  And we are almost to March.

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