Monday, April 20, 2015

Marathon Monday | 04.20.15

I was watching Verity scaling the big kids section of the playground and stepped away for a minute to wipe off two swings for Naomi and her cousin, Fiona.  I slowly walked back to where Verity was, not really watching anything and heard deep groanings of someone little -and there she was, Verity, lying on the ground wailing.  Of course it was my someone.  I ran over to find her in agony but seeing that she hadn't fallen from somewhere very high.  It sounded like the wind was knocked out of her.  So I picked her up and she bounced back slowly, but easily enough.  She regained her breath and began to run around again, going right back to the spot where she had fallen. 

I monitored her the rest of the morning, wondering how we were going to get to the Emergency Room with all the street closures, but thankfully it didn't come to that.  Verity began to tell us that our cheering was too loud and that we need to "be kind," so I began to relax.

We go to this park, this wonderful park in Brookline on Marathon Mondays.  Afterward we walk down to Beacon Street and watch the runners go by.  For us it's the perfect place to watch.  We cheer on those sailing by in wheelchairs.  Then we wait for the elite woman to pass and marvel.  This year we didn't wait to see the men run by because it was cold and starting to rain.  So we walked to Bocca Grande for tamales and burritos.  And then we went to The Brookline Booksmith and picked out a few treats for vacation week.  Verity spied a Charlie and Lola paperback and Naomi settled on a sticker book.  I got the family a new map and a book on sale for Eric.  It's such a wonderful series of events -I really don't need anything else out of my week.  I say that now.


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  1. Sounds perfect. Yes, can it be Friday again?