Monday, June 22, 2015


A couple of weekends ago we drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania to meet up with Eric's parents.  The girls rode some rides and both walked away with a very bright and very copyrighted bear from Chocolate World purchased by their loving grandparents.  Every kid hopes for a moment like that right?  I had secretly resolved to avoid the factory tour no matter what -but the moving trolley with the singing Holstein heifers was actually pretty cool.  The rendezvous softened the fact that we aren't driving to Virginia this summer.  I'm sad for the girls to miss the time there and sad myself to miss the Blue Ridge mountains that make you feel homesick and at home in the same breath.  I'm also very relieved not to spend twelve hours in the car to and fro at summer's peak.  Instead we get to enjoy these brief and beautiful months in different ways.  There is plenty to keep us busy, and hopefully we will all get a good dose of summer boredom to make us into the creative beings that we were meant to be.  ;)

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