Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Meal Plan | 11.03.15 | By Batch And By Formula

For the foreseeable future things are going to be looking very 1950's formulaic.  I don't really claim to know how exactly things worked in the kitchen back then, but meals were pretty structured, right?  Spagetti night on Monday, a cassarole on Tuesdays.  Winging life these days is proving to work about half the time, like every other week, and I need better numbers than that.  So, however rigid the below categories feel, there is great freedom in knowing that something is repetitive and maybe boring though hopefully with enough salt added.  The exclamation points were added to convey enthusiasm and solidarity.  
Can't you just hear them cry:

Lentil Night! (Mondays) Kusheri -thanks sis.

Pasta Night!  (Tuesdays) -thanks to my friend Rachael for reading my mind and making a sauce for us.

We Eat Meat! (On Wednesdays)  Ina Garten's Chicken Stew over Rice

Beans On Thursdays -This way too vague but I think they will be in a soup with sweet potatoes.

Pizza Night! (On Fridays)

I also plan on relying heavily on soups.  We've been doing some great batch cooking on the weekends and I feel so darn prepared.  Until Monday strikes.  And I left out my good friend the potato and plan to insert him in there somewhere.  Risottos have also really hit the spot lately.  Oh no, the mold is already breaking.

I do hope to include pictures and recipe favorites as well.  So bear with me on that front.  



  1. Kusherie forever! Its been such a nice break from just the lentil soup! :)

  2. Kusherie? I've never heard of it! Your meal plan is simple and still tasty. I may just have to copy it for this week. I look forward to the shared recipes and photos.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Check out More With Less -Egyptian lentils or Kusheri, it's in there. And it's totally a wow moment for peasant food. ;)