Monday, March 1, 2010

enter camera

I've started posting pictures. I'm not sure what this blog will turn out to be, other than a blog, but after clicking on countless food blogs complete with a link to Amazon to view their recently published book, pictures seem to be a must. I'm a little hesitant to bring my camera into the kitchen. Good pictures mean good natural light which I do not have. Okay, I have some and if I can take all pictures by noon, I'm set. But, I foresee that time-line to be challenging. Once the afternoon begins to wane, I have to rely on florescent lights stuck underneath the upper cabinets that flicker several times before they settle into a hummed glow.

Kitchen pictures are also enhanced by nice countertops. Soapstone, granite, Corian -any of these would do. I think we have a laminated plastic. And lately, I've been using a collection of plastic, nonskid mixing bowls, instead of beautiful, heavy ceramic ones, or cool vintage Pyrex.

I do not file these as complaints. They are simply reasons not to bring a camera into the kitchen. But I have to give "the people" what they want. And they want pictures, don't they?

I'll ensure you don't see any of those unsightly things I mentioned above. Instead I will strategically place items I like in the background. Like my bread box, my dutch oven, or my Vietri canisters. Instead of seeing a picture of my rising dough, maybe I will give you a picture of the rising dough, in a bowl that is covered by my favorite dish towel.

And really, when you have gorgeous leeks with their lime greens and whites and curly cues, maybe natural lighting, and beautiful counter tops don't matter (as much).


  1. Eagerly awaiting pictures...

  2. I second your dad. And I LOVE so many of your kitchen things--you have great style. Can't wait to see them on the blog and remember sharing a lovely kitchen (with no counter space) at 304.

  3. Check out 'Pilgrim's Progress," posted on 2/28. Thanks guys!