Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress

It's going to be a good week. For one I bought two boxes of girl scout cookies at church this morning -samoas and thin mints. The samoas get smaller and smaller every year, don't they? They are tiny and you are only allowed two per serving. Oh, but they are so good. Thin mints allow you a whopping four per serving, which I have already had today. The rest are in the freezer. Don't worry, I don't always check the serving content, but I'm trying not to be a glutton with every sweet item I buy and I've already checked that box for the cadbury mini eggs.

Second, I've decided that Sundays are bread making days. At least this week. This works out well because I just made a loaf of bread, called Pilgrim's Bread from More with Less. Granted I wanted it to be ready to eat with dinner and it is just now coming out of the oven at 10pm, so I don't have a review for you yet, but I do have a picture of it!

And it smells delicious.

Thirdly, I've decided to make soup this week. It's a week of soup, a soup of week. This quest should have probably come earlier in the winter season, but with more snow predicted for Lancaster this week, it is never too late.

I still haven't told you about the wonderful ginger-scallion broth we made on Thursday. But, I will give you the recipe very soon! And tonight, I have another soup recipe to share, this one is from a (another) great food blog that you probably already know about, The Wednesday Chef, but since I'm late coming to the food blogging scene, I'm still enthralled by it. Mine actually looked just like her picture too. At first it didn't, and in my head I already had started to blog about how it looked nothing like it, but I'm glad I waited. Here's a picture of the sauteed leeks part since her picture of the finished product is quite sufficient.

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