Saturday, March 27, 2010


The herbs are in the ground! After visiting two different garden centers and one hardware store that was closed (on Saturday?), we returned not with a large galvanized bucket big enough to serve as a planter, but a coconut italian ice from Rita's and a wooden-handled trowel. I was pretty set on having an herb bucket, but settled on a corner of our backyard that showed signs of ancient plant life. All that remained were two ill-positioned lifeless looking plants with long grass-like leaves of no vibrant color. But, we tilled the ground, spread some fresh soil, and left the moppish plants to serve as herb dividers, in case the mint and sage flourish as people have lead me to hope.

They look promising, don't they?

By the way, have you bought April's Everyday Food yet?

We are working on Beef and Tomato Stew (p. 84) at present.


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  2. Your herbs are so very promising! I'm looking forward to hearing how they are incorporated into so many yet-to-be-made delightful dishes.

    I'm so excited to see ya'll for the Seder! And I have Friday off of work, so feel free to linger in my kitchen :-) We can drink coffee (just got some freshly roasted beans from my aunt who came back from visiting my parents in Ethiopia!) and eat scones and read The Daily Office.

    Speaking of scones, I'm going to try to make the Orange Cranberry, perfect scones tomorrow morn for my Sunday School utes. There. I wrote it in cyberspace. Now I've got to get up and do it :-) See you soon, Mel!

  3. Let's have a brief moment where we contemplate the fact that you could not have those herbs if you were still in Boston. One point goes to PA.

    Just the other day I bought a whole chicken and thought to myself, "I wonder how much money I'm saving right now?"

    I've never been to Tupelo but it is definitely on my list now.

  4. mine are in too! But I'm an all pots girl with herbs, that way I can put them right outside the back door- makes for good lazy person's watering distance.

    What you call "flourish" with regards to mint, my mimi describes as "going all over". Apparently you have to be careful or it will take over your lawn. I don't really see why that's a bad thing...

    I highly recommend a mint, feta, and cucumber salad recipe I found somewhere last year. I'll try to locate and send it to you. You can take it to pot lucks and things and tell them it's mint from your own garden- oo la la.