Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Agony and the Ecstasy

So I've spent some eventful albeit repetitive days in the kitchen recently. Make coffee, make dinner. Decide which coffee to drink, decide which page of Everyday Food to use. Is it the dark and deliciously roasted Stumptown beans from Brooklyn thank you Ans, or is it the Orange Cappuccino flavored beans from Wegman's? Is it p. 75 or p. 77? Today it was Stumptown and tonight it will be page 75, Zucchini Pasta with Ricotta. Of course, these decisions will not always be before me. Soon I will run out of these precious coffees and soon I will work my way through the magazine. And then I will slowly move on.

There are the moments in between, of course. Like, today at the market,

I bought a six pound bag of ground dark turkey meat for $12. And last night I ate a can of Beefaroni. I popped the lid, emptied it into a bowl, stuck it in the microwave and then I ate it. I'm pretty embarrassed about that one. And I'm sure my readership will fall off sharply after this post. But, in my defense, I was on my own for dinner, I was really hungry and I was in a hurry. The can was intended for my nephew, not that he has ever eaten a can of it or expressed an interest in it, but I had thrown in in the cart just in case. I'm still surprised at myself. It wasn't all that gross and the nutritional content isn't as horrifying as you might think. But still. I've got to come back strong from that one.

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  1. Two things I supplement my diet with on a weekly basis:
    1. One box mac & cheese, hopefully Kraft, but occasionally a knock-off organic brand, though they can't seem to get the chemical compound right.
    2. One can refried beans (which, I just noticed tonight, is reinforced with partially hydrogenated lard) dolloped with sour cream.