Monday, January 14, 2013

Survival meal

I'm not loving this balmy feel-good weather. It does not go with my mood, or the lentil soup that sits on my stove. And they aren't french lentils either. These are brown and look like they belong in a film of how to survive the Great Depression. They will provide sustenance for dinner tonight, and that is about it. It's too bad because the bag of french lentils that I was telling you about last week went over remarkably well. It was delicious even if they were "stewed". When Barefoot Contessa messes with lentils you know it is going to be good. I made it once, then i made it again and then i made it a third time to share with neighbors who just had a baby. No word back from them yet, but I thought it was tasty. And, then I had to go and do this. It was a throw-it-together-during-nap-time meal. Dinner is done and I guess I still have that, but how I long for a throw-it-together meal that is exciting and delicious. I would hold my head up a little higher had a used a dainty 1 cup measure of these brown lentils. But no, I had to dump the whole bag of them into the broth. And of course I never have enough broth in the pot for the whole bag, so I have to add more water. It never goes up from that point. I do have a baguette to serve with it at least. And there is still some red wine in the box on our counter. Not a complete loss. But, I have to make a promise to myself and to you that I will take a break from the lentils.

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