Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the aging process

I'm on borrowed time right now..rustlings from both bedrooms can be heard. But I had to check in just to say that the Great Depression lentils went over much better than I expected them to -especially with a healthy dose of hot sauce to liven them up a bit. Even Naomi wanted a small drop on her portion. And, it ended up being doublely okay that I used the whole bag because we've have them for lunch and they've gotten better with time. I have to give a shout out to the Whole Foods 365 brand chicken broth which I used to anchor the dish -I think a lot of credit can go there. And when you have leftover birthday cake to look forward to, how bad can it be? I've been eating it (the cake) for days now. I told myself I would throw it out after the birthday weekend. It is now Wednesday and the cake and I live on. It's becoming pretty hilarious actually. How long will it hold out? But, like the lentils it has aged very well and a little sliver after lunch and then during nap-time and then after dinner has helped keep the post-birthday blues at bay just a little bit. But, seriously I'm joining the cleanse craze after this cake goes away.

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  1. I had two pieces of that cake but I lamented not having three.