Wednesday, March 13, 2013

cranberry bean furlough

The chicken livers are still sitting in my fridge.  I'm doing research, looking for the right recipe, and absolutely stalling.  They are a bit intimidating, this mystery hiding in an opaque plastic tub.  The sell by date is 3/19.  The clock is ticking.

Meanwhile...cranberry beans.  What lovely little things they are.  Pleasantly simmering in a broth of olive oil (lots of it), sage leaves, garlic cloves (unpeeled), plum tomatoes and water.  I spooned mine over some stale rye bread.  It's a Bon Appetit recipe and of course it called for fresh beans.  But, they were in Italy and I am not.  I can't wait to look for these this summer. 


Thank you for this pretty picture,

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  1. Lovely! Excited to hear about the chicken livers. I'm guessing it will pair nicely with lots and lots of sautéed onions.