Sunday, March 10, 2013

weekend rabbit hole

Hi!  Did you guys have a good weekend?  I don't want to get all vulnerable on you but it was one of those, good, hard, high velocity weekends over here.  The good with the bad right?  I found myself on this unexpected trek through memories -one conversation, one coincidence leading me down this rabbit trail and reminding me of things I hadn't thought of in a long time.  And really, it all begins and ends with the Dekalb County Farmers Market.      

Twenty-four hours (almost) at Your Dekalb Farmers Market

I have so many memories of this place growing up.  Flags from every country of the world hang from the ceiling.  Isles towering with any imaginable international delight.  I remember the samosas and the lemon croissants we used to eat as my mom perused the isles.  The green beans we used to snag and eat raw.  I remember the live crabs that you weren't supposed to pester and the vast and freezing seafood department.  The cow tongues, the chicken feet, and various animal innards all on proud display.  I remember a long pause in the wine and beer section and the familiar face of the man who used to talk with my mom.  (Come to find out, he was walking her through the Bordeaux region in French wines. sigh.)  On Saturday night I got to miss and reminince about this magical place with a friend who has seen and loved its wares too.  And it goes without saying that that means I was missing and reminincing about my mom too.  

So, what did I do with all this angst?  I bought a package of chicken livers.  Bell and Evans chicken livers at Whole Foods for $3.49.  It was the closest I could come to this place and her.

Everyone good luck with your Monday tomorrow.  :)

photo: Joeff Davis,


  1. Wow, I did not know New Hampshire hid this type of stuff. What wonderful memories to have, and invoke.
    are you going to make pate? I've been meaning's supposed to be great iron content in those things.
    Here's my aunt's favorite recipe:

  2. I haven't decided, pate is a great idea, thanks! I gave absolutely no context or credit for the photo, but this Farmers Market is in Atlanta.

  3. Ohhh I want to go to there! To the market and to the bitter sweet time of remembering. Isn't it crazy how it can feel SOO good to remember and talk about her while at the same time so very, very sad? I'm glad you had this weekend, friend. I'm also thankful you wrote about it - I feel like I totally have a sense from you & Em of what your Mom must have been like and I wish I had known her to be able to tell you that for a fact as I know how good it feels to hear from people who knew them. Love you!!