Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Galette for a day, the entire

Hello!  So like I was saying, I really wanted to make this butternut squash galette for our dinner on Sunday night but chickened out at the last minute and went with something I had made once before and could be made in advance.  And that was all fine and good except that I had already purchased the ingredients for the galette.  This included two large Spanish onions, two whole butternut squashes, lots of Italian fontina cheese, and white wine vinegar that wasn't Market Basket brand.  So with all that on hand, no other good idea for dinner and what looked like a promising nap day, I went for it.  It was the most labor intensive project I've tackled in a long while.  Although it didn't have one of those difficulty ratings in the corner like some recipes you find online, it did imply that you would be peeling, pitting and cubing TWO butternut squashes to then roast them while you are sauteing the onions for 25 minutes.  This is after you have made the pastry dough that is chilling in your refrigerator.  It was a ton of work, especially since I seem to be developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist from holding my chef knife incorrectly.  But, there I was, in the middle of it, no turning back.  And frankly, I'm so tired from making it that I don't have any more energy to write about it.  Do you mind?  Can I just wrap up to say that it was delicious?  And, I think it was worth the effort, although I need to allow some more time to pass before I am really sure.

But, my favorite part, and this is definitely made it worth it, is that Verity loved it!  No bland rice cereal for us to start.  Not sure what my doctor would say about this practice, but Verity is going to be the subject of a little French baby food experiment.  Over there where they do everything just perfectly, they start introducing vegetables and strong flavors much sooner than we typically do.  But, it makes sense to me.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.  :)

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