Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the color wheel

Hello!  How have you guys been?  Me?  I'm on to my next color in lentils.  I went from red, to green, and now I'm at black.  The lentil color wheel.  I mixed one cup of them with some roasted sweet potatoes and added cilantro,  cumin, and lime juice to make a lunch salad this past weekend.  I got a "this is good!" from a dutiful husband and a "this is different" and "I've never seen anything like this before" from a dutiful mother-in-law.  

And last night I used the remainder of them to make Mark Bittman's lentil soup, the spicy version, which I highly recommend.  How To Cook Everything, pg. 65.  Really fun recipe and you get to add fresh ginger which is an opportunity I always take.  

I don't have too much else to show for this week.  Unless you want to hear about my most successful shopping trip in months, years perhaps.  And it was not at a grocery store.  I was begrudgingly walking to the G_p, hoping to find something/anything to wear for Easter, when suddenly some magnetic force pulled me into American Apparel.  I hadn't stepped foot in there since I was with my much cooler cousin in 2008.  Before then I was just confused.  I thought it was a uniform supply outlet or something.  Anyway there I was, a blank (post-partum) canvas you could say.  And with the help of one sales associate who was probably under the legal drinking age, I walked out with an entire outfit.  This all happened within like fifteen minutes.  The best kind of shopping.  ...There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a personal shopper.  Do you like to shop?  :)

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