Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marigold Landscape

This past weekend I planted a small, earnest crop of vegetables in our backyard.  Tomatoes, of course, pickling cucumbers, basil and rosemary.  This was gratifying in so many ways.  For one, I found my favorite hole-y jeans that have been tossed into, removed from, and re-tossed into the Salvation Army pile.  Fortunately for them that pile is a permanent fixture in my room.  They are now happily back in the wardrobe rotation.  And two, I found my garden gloves before I started planting!  More often than not, I find such luxurious necessities directly following the completion of such a task.

I realize this picture is mostly of dirt and bark and marigolds.  But take note of the zinnias in the forefront and the robust tomato plant yonder.

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