Monday, May 20, 2013

Word Problem

A bridal party consists of 1 bride and groom, 5 bridesmaids, and 7 groomsmen.  The bridal bouquet must be ten inches across.  The bridesmaid bouquets must be eight inches across.  White peonies come in bunches of 5.  Queen Anne's Lace and Thistle come in bunches of 10.  Succulents are sold individually.   How many bundles of flowers must be purchased to complete the order?

Last fall, I happily yet casually agreed to arrange the bridal party bouquets for a friend's Memorial Day weekend wedding.  At the time, it sounded like a lovely opportunity for creativity. And after the last song is sung, I think it will have been a good idea. But the calendar reads t-minus five days, and with mathematical equations like the one above, I am beginning to question my judgement.

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  1. I always get so anxious at this stage in projects. And so proud five days later.