Friday, May 31, 2013

Swans and Cygnets

This happens to be a Spring of discoveries for me.  First it was the robin's nest with its one perfect egg.  Then it was the trip back to discover three more egg companions!  And then, sadly, on our third trip we found an empty nest with a few shards of egg shell on the ground.  I held on with the hope that they had hatched and flown away.  An internet search shut that door; baby robins spend about two weeks in the nest after hatching.

Yesterday we found these beauties floating gracefully in the marshes near my sister's home.  Hope stirs again.  


  1. We saw them today! Safely nestled inbetween mom and dad. Come back soon and we can watch them grow :)

  2. Have you seen the book, "When Blue Met Egg"? ... All about what can happen to lost eggs...