Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yard Sale Saturday

I played the role of scavenger this morning.  It was fun, mostly.  There were a few down beats - the vintage boa I didn't get.  The price was unmarked and I offered her five for it.  The woman next to me: "Oh, I"ll pay 20 dollars for that!"  Thanks a lot, lady.  It was for a dress up box.  I did get:  a kitchen scale, a sled, an April Cornell tablecloth and a stuffed animal that looked like it needed a home and a name.  Tiger he's now called.

But my favorite find was this mug filled with a collection of RedRose Tea figurines.  They are somewhere  between a choking hazard and a family of playmates for a toddler.    

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend..


  1. Score!! Verity looks lovingly beside.

  2. Those Red Rose guys are great. I don't think they are included in the box any more, or at least they haven't been in my boxes lately. I saw the animals being sold individually at Brimfield, if you can believe it. I got them for free too much as a child to ever buy individually.
    I love posts documenting thrifted purchases.

  3. Ha! Somewhere between a choking hazard and a toy... how many times have I thought this about the things I give our child... at least I'm in good company...