Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Birthday Crown and a Toile Tent

  This past Saturday Naomi turned three!  She feels so grown up all of the sudden.  But I can still see a little baby chub in her cheeks and when she starts to babble I know that she is still little.  "I don't know if she can come, but I don't know if she can come, because I don't know if she can come."  We built a tent made out of fabric poles and some old toile (originally intended for her nursery room curtains), and blew up balloons for her to wake up to.  We took a bus ride and went out to lunch and she picked out a book at the toy store with some of her birthday five dollars sent to her by a loving great-aunt.  After a birthday nap we had a few families over and ate macaroni and cheese and chocolate cupcakes.  And shock beyond shock -she wore the birthday crown I made for her.  She must have known.  :)


  1. She's so beautiful! Congrats on surviving the first 3 years!!

  2. I lobe that sweet crown almost as much as I love that picture of your sweet girls.

    1. Tell Rowan his will be arriving just in time for birthday number two! :)