Monday, January 6, 2014


We're home.  We are home after many long hours in the car and many good hours with family: mine, his, ours.  Our first night back Eric broke our pact and unpacked his suitcase (the nerve!) while I was on the phone which led to a small feud, which led to me unpacking my suitcase and then led us both to a pour of his new Christmas bourbon.  And, now we are mostly unpacked.  Look at that!  

It's hard growing accustomed again to the rhythm of everyday life.  I can't purge all that needs to be purged in one day.  We came home with arms full of stuff.  But we also came home with this great, totally-seventies afghan Eric's great-grandmother made, and a new cast-iron skillet.  And waiting for me on the porch was this cookbook to walk me through the rest of winter -thanks to my brother who asked me what I wanted for Christmas on Christmas morning.  :)  I meal-planned the heck out of it last night (more on that later), and I have my eye on her cardamom and orange scones for this afternoon.  


  1. I must curl up under that afgan! Great colors!

  2. If I still lived in Amsterdam I could have had dinner in Yvette van Boven's restaurant! Bummer. Let me know how the recipes work out.