Monday, March 3, 2014

The Meal Plan 3.03.14

There comes a day when only pizza will do.  Today is one of those days.  We need something to look forward to for dinner.  We need this most days of the week, but especially today since we are all tired.  I'm tired because I stayed up to watch Cate Blanchett win Best Actress for Blue Jasmine.  I didn't want to find out who won at 6:30 the next morning before my first cup of coffee.  I wanted her to win and I wanted to know if she would mention Woody Allen.   She wasn't supposed to because of the charges facing him right now.  But she did thank him for casting her, of course she did, and it seemed fitting no matter the circumstances.  After that it was a Women Power speech, and though initially I thought to myself, "Are you really going there right now?" it's nice to hear some of that from time to time.  Considering we really have overcome a lot over the years, damn it.  

So anyway, I'm tired and Naomi asked me at lunch if we were having pizza or french fries for dinner tonight.  I laughed and then she didn't.

Really quick, last Monday's Chickpea Saute with Greek Yogurt was the most interesting dish I've made in recent memory.  If you don't own Plenty put a hold on it at the library or borrow it from a friend.  And buy some caraway seeds.  I didn't end up making sweet potato blintzes or burritos.  Those sweet potatoes ended up as oven fries on Friday night.  And when Thursday rolled around I subbed out my lentil soup for Rebecca's Lebanese Lentils -a wonderful recipe I rescued from the abyss of my inbox.  I will share that with you another time.    

Up Next:
Monday:  Pizza with a side of roasted brussel sprouts.  Those have been lurking in my fridge since last week.
Shrove Tuesday:  These buttermilk pancakes! with bacon I think.  
Wednesday:  Baked Potatoes, those still need to be eaten, with sauteed mushrooms.  Or flavor sponges as a friend titled them.    
Thursday:  Black Bean Rice Bowl with avocado and homemade salsa (hopefully).  
Friday:  Lentil Soup.  Sometimes Fridays are like Mondays in my kitchen.  Hold on for dear life.


  1. I lerf this! I need to hear that speech. Good call on swapping pizza and lentils!

  2. That's my go-to pancake recipe! None of my girls wanted my turkey shepherd's pie tonight - should have sent them to your house ... if only I could. :) Liz

    1. That's so funny! This will be my first time. We usually use King Arthur's recipe. Oh, I wish you could have! I still want to try your carrot soup too!

  3. This is the BEST series ... I'm loving it and was inspired to try out sweet potato blintzes last night, much to P & E's delight :) Now, we're on the hunt for a good dal recipe to use up all our red lentils ...

    1. Yay! Thanks, K! I would love to know some of your go-to's. :)