Monday, February 24, 2014

The Meal Plan 2.24.14

I didn't tell you too much about the new series I began last week.  I just threw it at you and hoped it was mildly intriguing.  Is there anything intriguing about weekday meals?  

Last week started off strong.  The pizza dough turned out really well.  I followed Yvette's recipe from Homemade Winter.  She called for part semolina flour which could have been the reason it was so good.  Or, it could have been that I just put more effort into making it.  I set the timer and kneaded the dough with Naomi's help for the full ten minutes.  Tuesday we were away and Wednesday was lentil soup.  Fine.  Thursday we were without Eric for dinner.  He's our risotto guy, but I stuck with the plan and made the cauliflower risotto anyway.  Verity ate it.  I counted four bites for Naomi, and the fifth was not so sneakily  spit into her napkin.  By Friday I was done.  I started making dinner, realized I could not complete the task and called Eric with this update.  We ended up ordering some pasta from Basta Pasta -that is the very short version of that decision making process.  

This week I'm going to try to keep it simple.  I'm trying one new recipe and the rest will be reruns.  

Monday:  I didn't use any chickpea credits last week so we are going to try again.  This time with a recipe that looks more interesting to me.  Still from Plenty, which I am borrowing from my neighbor.  Chickpea Saute with Greek yogurt.  It calls for caraway seeds and lots of carrots and swiss chard.  And lemon juice.  Lemons help February.   
Tuesday:  Off night!
Wednesday:  Lentil Soup.  We have this one night every week.  
Thursday:  Sweet Potato Blintzes which are pretty labor intensive but the girls gobble them up and make great leftovers.  I'll make black bean sweet potato "burritos" if I'm not up for it.  
Friday:  Pizza.  I think.  I don't have any more semolina flour, but will hopefully be kneading for the full ten minutes again.  

Are you making anything mildly intriguing this week?  :)     


  1. That sounds great! Tonight is spinach lasagna from our new Moosewood book. I havent made lasagna in ages and it wasnt as bad as I remembered. I twisted my mom in law's arm into boiling the noodles for me, which is my least favorite part and the recipe called for baby spinach which I am excited about. You dont precook it, just mix it in with the ricotta. Easy! Never thought of that before. Always was squeezing out thawed spinach over the sink. Bleh. Ill let you know how it turns out.

  2. I admire your meal planning - I am so weak in this area! Hence I have no recipes to share with you for what we will be eating this week! (well, Matt is actually going to be out of town three nights, so there's my real reason. We'll be winging it :) Liz