Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Still

It's still winter here.  We are still sloshing our way through it.  We are still eating our way through it.  It's not so bad really.  It hits 40 degrees and I don't know what to do.  Wait, give me back the teens.  We know the teens.  40 degrees and you feel like you should go on a walk and never stop.  We did that yesterday and Naomi asked to be picked up the entire way back.  Verity was on my back.  I thought we were done with the ergo, but with the snow and the ice, she is back in it.  She's such an easy baby to carry.  A heavy baby to carry.  
On today's big adventure we made sure to leave the ergo and bring the stroller.  I gave an evil eye to every house who hadn't shoveled wide enough to allow a tiny little umbrella stroller to pass. We shoved our way to the bus stop.  We rode the bus.  We rode the T.  We rode the Purple Train.  The man on the purple train wasn't happy to see my stroller.  But I averted my eyes to his glare and heaved it up the train steps with Verity in it.  The purple train took us with friends to this idyllic bookstore, just in time for story hour.  It's such a cheery place; filled with color and books.  And it has one of the nicest bathrooms I've ever visited with a toddler.  

I have neglected to take any pictures of my children this week.  It's too bad, but also really nice.  I missed THE picture of Verity's babyhood this week.  With the standing still and the falling snow and the rosy cheeks.  I just didn't have my phone on me.  Who wants to bring a phone outside to play in the snow?  I hope I will always remember the picture of her in my head.  I'm glad it belongs to me at least.  

Here's one from last week's snowstorm.  It's very similar.

And here are the scones I made this week.  Motivation:  so I could eat them.  I have some serious habits to break if Spring ever comes.  

Cup of Jo had a great post a while back about surviving Winter.  I've taken number nine to heart.  Because she's right -it's winter and all bets are off.  

Have a great weekend..


  1. I made those scones this week too! Raspberry ricotta right? Happy Weekend!

  2. yeah, raspberry ricotta whole wheat. they weren't amazing, but then again they weren't terrible for you either. :)