Friday, April 11, 2014

ShopGirl | Bicycle Belle

I'm starting a new series.  I will feature shops that I love.  Then you pretend you are interested.  Simple enough.  Today I'm taking you to Bicycle Belle in Somerville.  How do I put this?  It's amazing -particularly amazing if you are dying to own a bakfiets and/or want to do so in the Netherlands.  I've been plotting my bakfiets purchase for several months now.  So far it has involved combing craigslist, buying a craigslist app to alert me of any posting of a cargo bike, joining the local bicycle listserve and lastly trying to get a part-time job to raise funds.  
When I stopped into this store today I had momentarily forgotten that I was coveting such a bicycle.  Innocently enough, I wanted to highlight this great little local business.  You see, after several cargo-bike-doors closed on me- mainly the job that I failed to secure I settled on buying a perfectly sensible bike trailer.  A bike trailer instead of a cargo bike.  A small investment instead of a large (medium-ish) one.  
So the owner and I were chatting and I was telling her about my cargo bike woes and she asked if I wanted to test drive a bakfiets.  And I said YES.  And she didn't even ask me to wear a bike helmet.  YES.  I sailed around the block, happy as can be.  

Once you learn to ride a bike, you never ever forget.  Even if it has a big thing in the front.  

Thanks, Carice!


  1. Does she sell used models?? That looks awesome! I would love to know if the Netherlands has bike helmet laws?

  2. Oh, female owner? Love that. It's interesting that we're seeing the European things over here, because Lena is headed back to Germany and bought her bike-trailer here before she leaves, because it's cheaper here. Mysterious and who is right about these trends?

    1. Ooh, she's going with the trailer. Very interesting.

  3. great bike! great post! thanks for sharing!