Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Meal Plan | 04.13.14

When I was growing up our kitchen was closed on Sunday night.  I don't remember when this policy began but it was not awesome.  My sister and brother and I would lurk around the kitchen, obviously finding "nothing to eat" and being told that there was plenty to eat if we were "really hungry".  
This evening we closed up our own kitchen and pulled out this and that from the fridge to see what we could come up with -a baked sweet potato, leftover lentils and rice, roasted eggplant nearing expiration, the last of the arugula and some pine nuts.  I made the grown-ups a satisfying salad and a deconstructed version of it for the short ones. 

 I'm hoping this week's dinners will look like tonight's -a satisfying afterthought.  With Holy Week to think about and Easter feasting to anticipate, I'm ready for this week to look a little ...less.  

Monday:  Lentil Soup.  Made with yellow split peas and lemon and feta.  From Homemade Winter
Tuesday:  Mushroom Galette.  A way simplified version from BA this month.  
Wednesday:  Curried Red Lentil Burgers.  From Moosewood Restaurant Favorites.  Okay, not an afterthought.  
Thursday:  Pasta Night.  
Friday:  Potato and Leek Frittata 

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