Monday, April 21, 2014

The Meal Plan | Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday means stealing away for a morning run with my sis, turning day-old baguettes into french toast and eating a coconut cupcake with my second cup of coffee.
It also means heading to Coolidge Corner to watch the runners go by.

I like this picture because of the sun that is shinning, the serving tray I picked up at T.J.Maxx for next to nothing, and the one dollar bottles of Pellegrino I bought on sale.

On Easter Sunday I pull out the ironing board and I press the napkins.  I do it for both novelty and tradition, and to make sure the iron still works.  I place my coffee mug on the ironing board because we must not be parted during such a time.  I only spilled on one.

  Yesterday Eric grilled Lamb Sliders, and I took a page from Bon Appetite and made Cod with Potatoes and Preserved Lemon Relish.  With some accompaniments and accomplices it was a delightful spread and celebration.*

Tonight we ate leftovers.  Monday.
Tuesday:  I have marinara sauce in the refrigerator.  Fill in the Blank.  I'm so tired.
Wednesday:  Black Bean and Rice Bowl
Thursday:  Lentil Soup and Arugula Salad
Friday:  Pizza.  I've been topping everything with arugula lately.  No exception here.

*For the first time (ever?) the white was gone before the red.

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