Monday, April 28, 2014

The Meal Plan | 04.28.14

Spring is building confidence around here.  In fits and starts it comes and goes leaving us with a little hope that our corner of the world has not been forgotten.  The tree outside our window is filled with beautiful white blossoms.  They held on through the wind gusts of last week and through the colder temperatures and rains that followed.
Similarly, our meals are straddling the line.  There is plenty of time left for grilled cheeses and tomato soups but we also get to put mango salsa on our black beans and rice.  Yesterday I made an almond cake to see us through another cozy (read: dreary) afternoon.  What are you making lately?

Monday:  These lentils.  Scroll way down for the recipe, or like me, read her entry and wonder why you too haven't started your own granola business.  
Tuesday:  Black Bean Soup and Cornbread.  Not sure which version yet, but I have lots of beans.   Wednesday:  Ina Garten's Macaroni and Cheese.
Thursday:  Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie.  A smaller version of this
Friday: Leek Fritters and Pan-fried Potatoes.  #random  


  1. I poached eggs for the first time tonight, and placed them on top of leftover vegetarian chili and polenta. It was a hit!

  2. Um, yes; I routinely wonder that same thing about granola making :). We're working our way through Megan Gordon's breakfast book - love her stories and a few keeper oatmeal recipes.