Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lobsters with a View

Chauncey Creek.  Last month it was featured in Bon Appetit and so when we went there last week I thought we would find it puffed up and crowded.  But it wasn't.  It hadn't changed at all.  There were parking spots, no framed copy of the article and no long line.  Granted we were there on a Tuesday.  We laid our tablecloth on one of the picnic tables and got out our accompaniments - a baguette, pasta salad and a bottle of white wine.  Then we ordered our lobster, some steamers and two cups of clam chowder.  Then we sat and sipped and admired the view.  Or ran around climbing on ropes, depending.  It really does make for the perfect summer evening.  If you can make it there go by way of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and take the little bridge that connects you to Kittery, Maine.  It really is beautiful.    


  1. It looks perfect. Good ole Maine.

  2. Love lobster! Love Maine! Love your sweet family!