Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Meal Plan | 08.06.14

There hasn't been much meal-planning around these parts.  We've been loading up at farmer's markets and trying to keep the oven off.  Duh.  We've been eating lots of tomato sandwiches and lots of peaches.  I perfected corn on the cob!  Boil it for only four minutes, drain most of the water, put a lid on your pot and let the corn steam until you are ready to serve it.  The corn stays warm and the kernels are plump.  Thanks Aunt Rebecca.  

Last week I ate raw.  I can't really call it a cleanse because I was still drinking coffee.  I made smoothies, ate lots of cashews, splurged on a beet juice and drank lots of water.  It was good and I learned a few things.  One, I can survive a day without a full bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  Good to know.  Two, it is possible for me, though I don't recommend it, to go a night without wine and or chocolate.  And three, it is really hard to sit down and eat something different than your family.  There are many questions: "Momma, why aren't you having any oatmeal?"  "Momma, why aren't you eating any pizza?"  "You see, Naomi, I'm not growing anymore so I can go without sometimes."  This is very true, but it's also true that eating together and eating the same thing is the real bonding experience.  I felt like an outsider.  But the other part of me was like, "deal with it and stop with the peer pressure!"

What have you been up to lately?

*Above is a picture of some posies I made for a wedding.  I keep meaning to tell you about my new job at a most becoming little flower shop!


  1. I'm so distracted by those breathtakingly gorgeous flowers, I can't read this post!

  2. I've been eating raw too! You have a favorite smoothie? I get in a mango spinach rut, not that anything so delicious is really a rut. I throw in yogurt here or there sometimes too if I get the woozies. I find I not only feel kind of left out at mealtimes, but (selfishly) find making meals for Rowan kind of disruptive to the mood. I genuinely really enjoy the sparseness of it, not scheduling my day around eating, experiencing that kind of vivid emptiness. And then I remember growing babes still need a decent lunch at a similar time to when they normally do so I can't simply grab my handful of cold veg and go on about my day.