Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Meal Plan | 11.06.14

My meal plan saved me this week.  Every day so far I haven't had the slightest desire to make what I signed myself up to cook, but I did it anyway because there was absolutely no way I could come up with something else.  I haven't had a crumb of energy to spare.  I'm supposedly tapering this week, but when I taper I expect to not run at all.  Anything more than zero miles is agony.  I did manage to vote.  I don't like being an uninformed voter.  While Verity shook the aluminum voting booth and Naomi complained that the ledge was too high, I scoured the questions and the names and did my best.  It was disheartening and patriotic.  The real disappointment came when we walked past the elementary school bake sale on our way to vote with not a penny in our pockets.

Monday:  Leftovers from last week's turkey meatloaf that I meant to tell you about.  By Ina Garten.
Tuesday:  Pumpkin Pasta from Simply in Season served with a crisp green salad.  This is a delicious recipe dog-eared by a friend.  It's usually served with sausage.  Must share it with you.    
Wednesday:  The Weekly Lentil.  Simple lentil soup this week.  
Thursday:  Crock Pot Chicken Soup.  Why does "crock pot" make everything sound unappetizing?  It was really good!  
Friday:  We're having pizza tomorrow.

And you??


  1. Lets try, "slow cooked" instead! :) Also having slow cooked something tonight :)

  2. Oh yes, love the slooooooow cooker! To slow cook sounds very refined, dignified.. elegant, even.