Monday, January 4, 2016

January Musings

This holiday season I finally threw the DIY garland party I had wanted to throw since I flipped through last December's Domino magazine.  It felt triumphant to invite people into my home, ready or not, and see them walk away with something beautiful.  

Now it's January and I'm brushing myself off, craving Heidi's winter salads and wondering what I want January to look like.  We had a very, very simple fall.  I didn't send Naomi to school this year and Verity enjoyed the company of her big sister, along with one morning a week in the company Miss Emily, a warm and lovely lady who welcomes little children into her house for a playschool.  

Baby Abel joined us and keeping him alive and well was about the only task we took on.  Still, we have a relatively blank calendar in front of us.  It looks so nice and clean, but I think I might be adding a couple more to do's so that we can survive these cold winter months and grow weary of each other with a few gaps in between.  We'll see.  The month seems filled with possibilities, even if only to consider them.  

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