Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Saint Helen

Tonight Verity reminded me of Helen Keller before Annie arrived.  I'm able to articulate that after reading to the girls the moving biography by Deborah Hopkinson, Annie and Helen.  What an amazing pair.  You really must read it.  I'm on my way to request "The Story of My Life," Helen Keller's autobiography.  She is my hero and inspiration this week as I try to remember what really matters in this life.

My sister forwarded me this blog post and it gave me such a chuckle as I have similar curiosities regarding social media and the perplexities that go with this whole moDERN world we live in.  Oh Helen, what do you think?


  1. Saint Hellen is who we all need to be thinking of on bleak midwinter days. Thank you.

  2. I watched some movie about Hellen as a kid that has totally stayed in my memory, but I wonder what it was? I just finished a biography too. Something suddenly appealing to me about history.

  3. ps I lose followers with every post too. It's the weirdest! Oh well.