Thursday, January 24, 2013

a new rug, a new throw, and some meatballs

So I bought the package of frozen meatballs at IKEA today. Did you know that there are only seven ingredients listed on the back? I don't think that sounds like that many. Beef. Pork. Water. Not a bad beginning. It was a fast decision, an impulse buy. IKEA targets the iron-deficient by placing a freezer full of packaged meatballs right in front of the checkout isle. They got me. You see, we don't eat a lot of meat around this parts lately. You already know about the lentils, and then there are the potatoes and the beans and rice. This is perfectly fine if you go to bed before 10pm so you are not awake when your body tells you that it needs more food. But, last night Eric and I were up watching Mindy and...The Bachelor -what a terrible, addicting show. (It's a good thing I'm married with children, because if I was still single, somebody would be trying to stop me from driving to Hollywood to find Sean.) And, there was an ad for a McDonald's Big Mac that was playing on repeat and we were starving. I had made a green curry dish with potatoes and red peppers over rice for dinner that night. It was not without flavor. And I left the table feeling full. And we even had a big piece of the the Apple-Molasses cake afterward. But we were completely starving at 10:30 with this juicy beefy Big Mac flashing before us. It was all I wanted. A bowl of cereal is what I had instead. Fast forward to IKEA and those meatballs were coming home with me. Anyway, we will see what comes of them. :)


  1. You are so very funny, Melissa. Glad you are blogging again!! Liz Doescher

  2. Thanks, Liz. :) I say the same about you. I love your blog. Let's have a skype play date!