Monday, January 28, 2013

spoiler alert

Farewell Sybil. Did you all tune in to Downton Abbey last night? If you haven't already watched a pirated internet version previously? It was almost a little too sad for make-believe. And if you couple that with spilling your first beverage on your newly re-upholstered couch, you go to bed on a dismal down note. I was telling my sister yesterday that while I love my new couch, I'm not really enjoying my new role as the couch police. "Naomi, no jumping! Eric, can you lean over when you break off that piece of chocolate?" I can tell you right now, it will not be the toddler trampolining or the husband's snacking, or the niece and nephew using the cushions as lily-pads, tossing them onto the floor and then jumping on them from one to the next- it will be me. It will be me carefully balancing my almost empty glass of scotch (in this case) on the cushion and then forgetting about it. However! I do recommend that and at least one row of Lindt milk chocolate with liquid raspberry filling to further enhance your next Downton viewing. :)
I don't think you can see the spot from this angle.

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