Monday, March 17, 2014

The Meal Plan 03.17.14

How are you fairing this week?  I know it's only Monday, but still.  Feeling a little stifled in our corner of the world.  Wish I had been more patient with N this morning before I realized she wasn't as well as she first lead us to believe.  I probably could have saved my "I'm not your servant, I'm your mom" speech for a healthier moment.  

Butternut Squash has been my faithful companion this long winter.  Tonight I will sauteed it in olive oil with a garlic clove crushed.  If you do this in a heavy saucepan and leave the lid on it turns into a delicious mash.  I will serve it over white rice.  I will douse mine with hot sauce.  

Monday:  Sauteed Butternut Squash over Rice.  Sorry, I just said that.  
Tuesday:  Lentil Soup.  We've missed you.  
Wednesday:  Leftover Sweet Potato Blintzes from last week. 
Thursday:  hmmm.  That may mean pasta.  
Friday:  Pizza.  I just made that up.  I'm good till Wednesday at least.  


  1. So where does the coconut fit in?? haha.. We had butternut squash tonight too!

  2. You didn't like our little guy? :)

  3. Would that I could serve butternut squash for dinner and not be asked "where's the rest of the dinner?" Liz